April 25, 2024

When renovating your business premises or fitting out a new one, you will need to pay attention to the type of ceiling you have. The ceiling in your building can significantly impact the look and feel of your workplace, and there are different ceiling tiles suited to different environments. You will need to consider what you need from your ceiling tiles and the environment they are on, and then select the best quality ones your budget will stretch to for your renovation. Below are some of the options you have available from different ceiling tile suppliers and the types of environments their ceiling tiles are suited to best.

Some Of The Best Manufacturers Of Ceiling Tiles

Below you will find a few of the best ceiling tiles manufacturers that make quality products that may be suitable for your renovation project.

Armstrong: Armstrong is a leading global ceiling tiles manufacturer, with many options available to suit different environments using different materials, including metal and mineral fibre tiles.

Ecophon: When your space needs acoustic insulation, the fiberglass ceiling tiles from Ecophon are an excellent option you can consider. Their tiles perform excellently and are suitable for various environments, including ones with high humidity.

Rockfon: Rockfon is another global leader, making stone and wool ceiling products of the highest quality. Their ceiling tiles are excellent for sound absorption or insulation, and they also offer light-reflecting ceiling tiles and ones suitable for humid environments.

SAS International: When you want a sleek and industrial look for your space, metal ceiling tiles are an excellent option, and SAS International have various ones that may be suitable. They have a variety of finishes available, but they are on the more expensive side, so you must ensure your budget can stretch that far.

Different Ceiling Tiles For Different Environments

Ceiling tiles are made to suit various environments, and their properties can help benefit the area they are used in, whether that is thermally, acoustically, or in another way. Some settings where you get ceiling tiles made specifically for them can include:

Offices: Some ceiling tiles are designed specifically for use in offices and can offer thermal insulation to keep the space warm and acoustic insulation to manage the noise levels.

Kitchens: Kitchens are hot and humid environments, meaning you need a ceiling tile that can cope with the heat and humidity and is easy to clean. Choose an appropriate ceiling tile for this environment, and you create a fantastic-looking kitchen that is also highly practical.

Hospitals: Hospitals also need suitable ceiling tiles, and cleanliness is a vital factor when choosing them for a hospital, so they must be easy to clean.

Entertainment Venues: There are also ceiling tiles best suited to entertainment venues, including theatres, cinemas, and music venues. These ceiling tiles can help absorb sound and insulate it from sounds from outside the space.

These are some of the best makes of ceiling tiles, and different environments they suit to help you select the best option for your workplace. Visit your local specialists and see their available options to help add the finishing touch to your building renovation project.

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